Check Your Health: Warning Signs of Skin Cancer, Check Your Moles

Warning Signs of Melanoma.png
Warning Signs of Melanoma.png
Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer and will affect one in five Americans at some point during their life. Dr. Mark Hyde, the Director of Advanced Practice at Huntsman Cancer Institute stopped by to encourage everyone to check their moles for specific warning signs, especially those related to melanoma.

Utah has the highest rate of new melanoma cases in the United States. This is scary because melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer. Factors the affect Utah's melanoma rate include: high elevation, fair-skinned population, year-round outdoor lifestyle.

Huntsman Cancer Institute recommends checking your moles monthly, using the ABCDE Warning Signs of Melanoma:

  • Asymmetry: One half unlike the other half
  • Border: Jagged or notched borders
  • Color: Extra-dark or several colors
  • Diameter: Larger than a pencil eraser (6 mm)
  • Evolution: New, itchy, or bleeding; growing, shrinking or disappearing; changing in color or shape
Watch for "Ugly Duckling" moles that look different than other moles on your skin. Dr. Hyde also recommends visiting a dermatologist once a year for a total body skin exam, or right away if you see or notice any changes. Don't forget to always practice comprehensive sun safety - try not to burn or tan your skin, wear a hat, spend time in the shade, cover up with clothing, use SPF 30+ sunscreen and reapply often.