Check Your Health: Successful Resolution Strategies for the New Year

Check Your Health - Successful Resolution Strategies

(KUTV) After quitting smoking, losing weight comes in second for the most popular New Year's Resolutions. January is a difficult time of year to make changes due to the weather and coming off of the holiday season. Sadly, the majority of people fail at their goals within the first few months. Brett McIff the Physical Activity Coordinator stopped by KUTV to let viewers know that the first step in preventing failure is to make a plan for success.

oSet goals that are realistic, not just dreams

oSet mini-goals to reach rather than one giant goal

oSet dates by which you will reach a mini-goal. If you notice you're off track - reset and try again. Don't give up!

oSet goals that are about the process, not the destination

If you are starting a goal to be more active, consider:

oDress in layers, stay hydrated, and keep vulnerable fingers and ears covered if it is really cold

oBe aware of the impact cold, dry air can have on the lungs, as well as our inversions

oPay attention to slippery roads and sidewalks if you are outdoors

oConsider doing indoor activities that you can do with your family, or have a workout partner to hold you accountable