Check Your Health: Maintain, Don't Gain During the Holidays

Check Your Health: Maintain, Don't Gain

This holiday season, lower your stress and stay healthier by remembering to Maintain, Don’t Gain. The average U.S. adult gains between 1-5 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. As many people set New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight or start healthy habits, that weight gain over the holidays can feel like grabbing a dumbbell before you jump into the pool to swim.

Rather than trying to lose weight over the holidays, focus on doing those things that will help you maintain your weight and make the holidays enjoyable at the same time. Remember to be active, in whatever way you want, every day. If you get your workout in first thing in the morning, you can check off that box on your list, and feel better physically and mentally all day long. Just don’t have enough time in your day? Focus on resistance workouts over cardio as you will get more benefit over time.

Eating healthy can be a challenge with all of the amazing get togethers and food options available. Try.

Finish your year off with healthy behaviors and start the New Year off with a head start as you maintain, don’t gain, this holiday season.

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