Check Your Health: Improve your athletic performance with an assessment

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Sports Performance Plus Assessment at Dixie Regional’s LiVe Well Center can help athletes. (Photo: KUTV)
(KUTV) Experienced athletes are willing to put in the work to get results, but sometimes, they hit a plateau. Fortunately, there are a few tests that might help identify what’s holding them back.

Diane Tracy has many years competing in marathons, triathlons, and even Ironman races and is always striving to get better.

“She wanted to look at some health metrics and some things she could use just to improve her own performance,” Tiffany Gust, an exercise physiologist at Intermountain Dixie Regional LiVe Well Center said.

Gust went through the Sports Performance Plus Assessment at Dixie Regional’s LiVe Well Center.

“It gives them a chance to step back and say, ‘Okay, where am I at?'" Gust said.

First, they start with blood work. These are specific labs for athletes that can reveal deficiencies in diet or even show signs of over training.

After the labs, is the BodPod. This looks at body composition and shows what an athlete is made of. Diane discovered that even though she lost weight, she actually gained fat.

“As people get older, one of the things that happens is exactly that. As an older athlete I need to make sure I don’t lose any lean muscle mass. So that was critical for me and my health,” Tracy said.

Next, they test Resting Metabolic Rate. This shows an athletes daily caloric needs and helps dial in their nutrition.

A functional movement screen addresses muscle and mobility imbalances which allows an athlete to focus on injury prevention.

Finally, a Vo2 test establishes an athlete’s training zones based on intensity.

“We’re actually able to tell them what heart rate zones to train in and to incorporate that into their training plan,” Gust said.

For cyclists, this means knowing your watts.

If you want more information about the Sports Performance Plus Assessment, click here.