Check Your Health: Easy Ways to Control Portion Sizes

Check Your Health - Easy Ways to Control Portion Sizes

Part of eating healthy means eating the right amount of food. Daniel Burgess, an Outpatient Dietitian at Utah Valley Hospital's LiVe Well Center stopped by to give viewers some tips on easy ways to control portion sizes.

Portion sizes have increased steadily over the past 20+ years:

  • Average hamburger portion size in 1955 was 3.9 oz. which tripled in size by 2006
  • Average bagel was 3” in diameter and now is about 6”
  • Average soda was 6.5 oz. and now average 20 oz.
  • The average plate size has increased from a 9” diameter plate (1950s) to now 13” in diameter, this doesn’t sound like a lot, but may be more than you think.

Larger portion sizes can contribute to weight gain:

  • Average weight of a man has increased 18 lbs. over that same time frame

Quick tips to watch portion sizes when eating out

  • Order off the kids’ menu
  • Share a meal
  • Ask for half of the meal in a to go box before your server brings out your plate and have it as a meal the next day