Check Your Health: Baseball/Softball Preseason Shoulder Care

Check Your Health - Baseball Preseason Shoulder Care

Preseason shoulder care is important for baseball and softball players. Jon Young, Certified Athletic Trainer with Utah Valley Sports Medicine stopped by to give some tips

*Active warmup

-Jog to increase blood flow, decrease muscle stiffness

-Ballistic stretches. Examples: arm swings/hugs & arm circles. These should not be static stretches. Research shows static stretching decreases power performance and has no benefit to reduce the risk of injury.

-Theraband internal/external rotation. Examples: cheerleaders, extension, scaption

-Begin toss from lunge position, work up to standing, finally lengthen throw

*Arm Conditioning Program

-USA Baseball Pitch Smart - pitching guidelines by age groups

-Preseason throwing gradually increasing throw count and distances. Add volume, intensity, and distance as arm progresses

-Add long toss into training to strengthen arm