Check Your Health: Acceleration Program Helps Improve Speed & Agility

Check Your Health: Acceleration Program Helps Improve Speed & Agility (Photo: KUTV)
(KUTV) As the end of school and summer-break quickly approach, so does the off-season for many high school athletes. For athletes who want to step up their game and perform better in their sport, off-season training is key.

“Some sports do train with us in season but the majority come for eight weeks before their season starts,” says Dayna Robinson, Exercise Physiologist at Dixie Regional Medical Center’s Acceleration Program.

For Jaden Milne and younger brother Cooper, improving their golf game means becoming better all-around athletes.

“Running faster, jumping higher, just everything,” says Cooper.

Dixie Regional’s Acceleration Program alternates between speed days and agility days. On speed days, they use their high-speed treadmill called a “super-treadmill.” It can go up to 28 miles/hour and at a 40% incline. Pairing the treadmill with mirrors, cameras, and a coach helps fix running form mistakes. Once their technique is cleaned up, they work on getting faster.

Jaden’s speed has improved from 18 miles/hour to 20, and for cooper, speed training has helped him on the basketball court.

“In basketball I used to be one of the slower kids on the court, but now I’m one of the fasterfastest kids. So it’s nice to see that paying off,” says Cooper.

Agility days are customized based on an athlete’s sport. They focus on plyometrics and explosiveness.

“When I started here, I had a 29 inch vertical, and now I have a 33,” says Jaden.

For more information about Dixie Regional’s Acceleration Program, click here.

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