Baby Your Baby: Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinets

Baby Your Baby - Spring Cleaning Your Medicine Cabinets

It’s spring cleaning time – don’t forget to clean your medicine cabinets! We want to get rid of unused prescription drugs, which can increase risk for misuse or accidental overdose. Nick Weaver is the Pharmacy Team Lead at Intermountain Primary Children’s Hospital. He stopped by KUTV to give us some tips on safe medicine disposal.

Safely get rid of leftover prescription medication.

oFind a drop-off location at
oIf there’s no drop-off location near you, follow these steps to dispose of medications in your home trash (Source:

  • Pour medications from their bottles into a sealable bag. Remove or mark out any personal information on the bottles. Then throw the bottles away.
  • Mix in something unappetizing, such as kitty litter, coffee grounds, or dirt. This will help keep children or pets from eating the mixture.
  • Seal the plastic bag and put it in the trash.

For the medicines you’re using:

oSafely store the medications you’re using to prevent accidents or harm.
oKeep them locked up and away from children and visitors.