Baby Your Baby: Involved Parents Leads to Successful and Healthy Kids

Baby Your Baby - Involved Parents Leads to Successful and Healthy Kids

(KUTV) Why is it important to improve parent’s efforts in engaging in kid’s schools? Katrina Jensen, registered nurse with Intermountain Moms stopped by to explain that students with involved parents, no matter their income or background are more likely to:

• Earn higher grades and test scores leading to enrollment in higher education

• Earn “passing” grades, earn required credits, and be promoted

• Have better attendance rates

• Have better social skills, show improvement in behavior and adapt well to school setting

• Graduate and go on to post-secondary education

What are some of the barriers parent report?

• Busy working outside of the home or taking care of other children or family members

• Not aware of what is needed in their child’s classroom

• Not aware of the options for navigating communication/interaction with teachers and schools

• Get burned out from all of the “fundraisers” and requests to provide school supplies

Tips for Success: Parents and Schools

• Accept that you may get overwhelmed by all of the demands, especially if you have several children

• Expect there will be demands on your time, finances and logistics

• Reach out to the teacher/s early in the year to identify what the priorities are

• Be realistic about what you can and cannot do. Let the teacher know when you can help and then determine what fits with both of your needs.

• Schools can offer PTA and Community council meetings early or later in the day to accommodate working parents schedules

Parents are an important partner in a child’s education. If you are a parent not comfortable or confident with engaging with your child’s school, consider changing your mindset to an “open mindset”. Your child will learn from your example.

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