Baby Your Baby: Holidays overwhelming your kids? Try sleep

Baby Your Baby - Holidays Overwhelming Your Kids?

We want our kids to get the most out of the holidays. From Santa to holiday lights to parties, schedules get busy – and kids’ sleep schedules can be out of whack. But sleep can actually help kids – and families – get the most out of the holidays. Dr. Brian McGinley is from the University of Utah School of Medicine and Primary Children’s Hospital is here with tips on how we can help our kids sleep and better enjoy the holidays.

Temper your expectations.
oNonstop activities make for sleepy, hyperactive and irritable infants and toddlers

Try to maintain a consistent sleep schedule.
oMix in a nap – even if it’s a little off-schedule
oSchedule activities around naps

If visiting friends or relatives, create a sleeping environment for your child.
oRemember safe sleep: Do not place infants on couches or beds for sleep. Firm surfaces or a portable crib are safer options.
oTry white noise if the house is loud. Go with a fan, or sounds like rain – not waves, as sounds that fluctuate have the opposite effect.

Don’t skip the bedtime routine.
oHelps child anticipate bedtime
oBaths, creating a dim room and cooler temps – high 60s and low 70s – make good sleeping conditions
oNo electronics 1 hour before bedtime

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