Baby Your Baby: Have Fun and Keep Kids Safe this Summer

Baby Your Baby - Summer Safety
Summer is here and what better time for families to spend time together and often in the beautiful outdoors. With the carefree summer days there can also be more concern about keeping your kids safe as they may have more time away from you while playing with friends and neighbors.

Each year, an average of 450 Utah children die in Utah. Approximately one-third of these deaths are due to injury. Injuries are mostly preventable, yet they continue to be the leading cause of death for children aged 1 to 18 in Utah. Katrina Jensen, RN with Intermountain Moms gives parents some advice for this time of year.

Helmet safety: Bikes, skateboards, and ATV’s: always wear helmets and get training for ATV’s that is required by law.

Pedestrian safety: Days are longer but don’t be fooled with the added daylight. Make sure kids have reflective gear on clothing, bikes, and scooters.

Water safety: Tragedies happen in a blink of an eye. Drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death for children in Utah under the age of 14.

Sun safety: Most sun damage occurs before the age of 18. If they’re not in the shade between 10-2:00pm kids should have sunscreen on to protect them.

Car safety: Car seats/seat belts whenever your child is in a moving vehicle. DON’T leave any child in the car during the summer months unattended (33% of children who die in a hot car are under 1 year of age).

Firearm safety: Keep all firearms LOCKED UP.

Falls safety: Make sure window screens are secure. Falls from second stories or higher are more common in the summer.

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