Ask the Expert: Preparing for Baby #2

Ask the Expert What to do before baby #2

(KUTV) Pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s body. After woman gives birth, the body needs time to recover and replenish nutrients needed before having another baby. This is why proper pregnancy spacing is so important.

“You have a significant increased risk of having complications should you not allow your body time to heal and recover between pregnancies,” says Dr. Chelsea Morris with Intermountain Layton Clinic.

Dr. Morris recommends waiting at least 18-months to 2-years after giving birth before trying to get pregnant again. Start by talking with your provider about plans for birth control during your six-week postpartum visit.

“I always try to talk with them about what they’re planning for planning for preventing that pregnancy from happening too early,” says Dr. Morris.

Between pregnancies, use the time to get healthy. Most women lose approximately 50% of the weight they gain during the pregnancy by six weeks postpartum. The other 50% will take a bit longer. You want to be at a healthy weight before getting pregnant again.

Then, when you’re ready, schedule a preconception visit.

“They’ll do a normal physical, but they’ll also talk to you about what you need to do to prepare for your next pregnancy,” says Dr. Morris.

Together you should make sure any chronic medical conditions are optimally managed, review the list of medications you’re currently taking, and discuss any lifestyle changes that need to be made.

“It’s recommended to start a prenatal vitamin as soon as you’re starting to try to get pregnant again,” says Dr. Morris.