Ask the Expert: LDS Hospital Opens New Access Center to Address Community Mental Health Ne

Ask the Expert - Center for Community Mental Health

Last month, LDS Hospital opened its doors to its brand new Behavioral Health Access Center. Dr. Mark Foote, LDS Hospital's Behavioral Health Medical Director, says the Access Center treats patients experience a mental health crisis, providing 24-hour crisis treatment, observation, and fast access to mental health treatment.

The Need:

This is a relatively new model of care and the first of its kind in the Salt Lake Valley. Before opening the Access Center, LDS Hospital treated between 10-20 patients a day in our emergency department for behavioral health-related issues. These patients often had to wait for an opening in either inpatient or outpatient treatment, resulting in delayed care and a large emergency room bill to patients. It can also result in an emergency department that is stretched thin.

The Benefits:

LDS Hospital is excited to offer the first resource of its kind in the Salt Lake Valley and an important next step in treating behavioral health in our community. The Access Center aims to provide better, faster care to patients in crisis and reduce costs to both patients and the hospital.

The average wait time to see a psychiatrist locally is 2-4 months. With the opening of the Access Center and the new partnerships we’re creating, we can get patients the appropriate level of care within 3-5 days. The Access Center also helps to free up space in inpatient care for those that need a higher level of treatment and allows the emergency department to focus on what they do best.