Skinny Utah - Weight Loss Success Stories

Skinny Utah
(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Skinny Utah is celebrating the grand opening of their new offices in Draper and American Fork this month. With their clients having dramatic success with weight loss, more and more people are using Skinny Utah to help change their lives. Ross Jardine, Co-Founder and Clinic Director, joined Caitlin on Fresh Living today to share a few of their recent success stories and talk about their program's 20 pound promise to guarantee clients see noticeable results fast.

To schedule a free body composition and analysis go to That’s the first step. As part of our Grand opening it’s totally free but there are limited days and times. You’ll get a complete body composition analysis, which is a $99 value and we’ll show you how we can help you get your figure back.

Skinny Utah is also offering an additional $100 off during the month of April as part of their Grand Opening in Draper and AF, but the discount is good at any clinic. So come in and get that swimsuit shape for summer. We also have some amazing deals for Couples, so bring a spouse, friend or partner with you and you’ll both lose 20 pounds or more and save a bunch of money too.

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