Nurse Dani: Why Toddlers Won't Eat

Nurse Dani

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Have you ever struggled with a toddler that won't eat? Nurse Dani sat down with Kari & Caitlin today on Fresh Living to address this common concern for parents and what to do about it. If your toddler is eating less after his/her first birthday, know that this is normal. A child's growth rate slows during their second year and so they don't require as much food. Expect a 1 year-old to eat about 1,000 calories a day. Divide this between three meals and two snacks, its not much. Also, kids get their nutrition in at days at a time. For example, they might eat everything you put in front of them for breakfast and not much else for the rest of the day; or eat a ton for one day and not much the next 1-2 days. They may also latch onto certain foods and reject others. These eating trends are all normal. Watch the segment above for tips on how to handle this from Nurse Dani.

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