Enso Rings: Safe & Beautiful

Enso Rings

(KUTV) Salt Lake City - Sometimes it's simply not safe to wear your traditional diamond wedding ring or metal band. Some professions don't allow it, you can easily lose it while traveling abroad, and they don't fit into many athletes' lives. That's where Enso Rings comes in. Brighton Jones, Co-Founder of Enso Rings, joined Brooke on Fresh Living to explain why he started Enso Rings (he almost lost a finger) and show her the many styles of silicon rings Enso Rings has.

Enso Rings is a silicone material based ring accessory that is comfortable, fashionable and a modern alternative to metal rings. The company is based in Utah. Enso Rings is at the forefront of the Silicone Slopes in Utah with their company. They manufacture their silicone rings out of three locations — two in Lehi, Utah and a manufacturing plant in Provo.

Enso Rings are very affordable ($10-$32) and are great for use at the gym, on the job, or as your permanent ring. You can check out Enso Rings at EnsoRings.com.