Cooking with Chef Bryan - Strawberry Banana Mousse


Light and refreshing, this fruity mousse is a perfect summer time dessert. Use your favorite fruit, mix and match and enjoy a sweet treat when it’s hot outside!


1 cup cleaned and chopped strawberries

1 banana

1 can sweet condensed milk (14 oz can)

1 can Table Cream (7.5 oz can)

1 cup blueberry filling

1 cantaloupe melon, de-seeded and cut into bite size pieces

1 honeydew melon, de-seeded and cut into bite size pieces


1) To your blender, add the chopped strawberries, banana, sweet condensed milk and the table cream. Blend until everything is well blended.

2) Divide the mousse between 6 dessert bowls and the blueberry filling (dollops on top of the mousse. Place in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

3) To prepare the melons, cut the top and bottom off of the melon. Place the bottom flat side on the cutting board and with a sharp knife cut down the sides of the melon removing the skin.

4) Cut the melons in half and scoop out the seeds. You can save and plant the seeds or discard them.

5) Slice the melons into bite-size pieces and when ready to serve, remove the mousse from the refrigerator and top each off with the freshly cut melon. Serve and Enjoy!