Uplift Families: Utah's First Lady offers new site to strengthen families

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Utah's First Lady offers new site to strengthen families

(KUTV) Utah’s First lady Jeanette Herbert wants to keep families strong.

“Families really are the cornerstone of our society,” she told 2News, promoting her Uplift Families initiative.

But often, she said, those who work the hardest to keep families thriving could use a little help.

“Most parents want to be good parents, but I think just a little bit of information makes it a lot easier for them,” she noted. “Kind of puts the joy back in parenting."

Herbert, a mother of six, says a few parenting classes at Brigham Young University helped her tremendously back when he kids were young.

“Just little things that I was able to tweak and change made a lot of difference in their behavior and the outcome I got,” she said.

She knew other parents had to be going through similar challenges.

“I had a daycare center for many years, and many parents would come to me with. ‘How do I do this’ and ‘I'm having problems with this.”

That’s why upliftfamilies.org started -- to offer advice to parents raising their own families.

The easy-to-navigate site allows the user to select specific age groups and topics and look through resources within that category.

In total, there are more than 400 vetted sources, and original articles written by local experts are added to the homepage every couple weeks.

The goal?

“I hope parents can get engaged and involved,” Herbert said. “And realize that it's not easy, but it's worth it being a parent.”