New Spanking Study Information

(KUTV) A new study shows spanking your child could have some consequences.Researchers say it could be more damaging to children than first thought.Studies have shown that spanking can lead to behavior problems. Now researchers find it may also hurt a child's cognitive development.Children who were spanked at least twice a week by their mother at age 3 or 5 were also more likely to break rules and act aggressively.Scientists at Columbia University School of Social Work looked at nearly 2000 children from 20 large cities in the U.S. and found spanking is still very common.A total of 57 percent of mothers and 40 percent of fathers said they spanked children when they were three years old. That fell slightly to 52 percent of mothers and 33 percent of fathers who spanked at age five.Doctors also suggest parents take a time out themselves to think of the most effective punishment before spanking.Critics say one issue with the study is that researchers did not define spanking which can range from a swatting to more forceful hitting.(Copyright 2013 Sinclair Broadcasting Group)