EyeCare 4 Kids Telethon Event

Eye Care 4 Kids


About one in four children need some kind of corrective eyewear. But the need skyrockets for economically challenged communities, where 30 – 50 percent of children go without necessary professional eye care services. The implications of that are tremendous, if a child can’t see, he can’t read, if he can’t read, he can’t learn, and if he can’t learn, he’s going to get in trouble.

Joseph Carbone was all too familiar with the huge need for eye care for underserved children. And he decided to do something about it, leaving his private practice behind to launch Eye Care 4 Kids, a nonprofit organization that brings eye care services to children whose families can’t afford it.

Sixteen years after the launch of Eye Care 4 Kids, the organization is approaching 200,000 kids with professional eye exams, vision screenings and, if needed, “new, really cool eye glasses.”

Join KUTV on Wednesday, Aug 16th, 2017 for our day-long Telethon where you can call in and donate, or you can use the link below:


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